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Inov-8 F-Lite™ 230


f-lite 230 iov8Jesse Bifano owner operator of Crossfit Squamish and ex Helicopter Operations Technician with Rapattack came by the base this week for a visit and was sporting these cool shoes, the Inov8 F-lite 230.  Lightweight, low heel and superb fit are some of the benefits of these attractive workout shoes.  Here is the gist from Inov-8:

Elite lightweight racing flat ideal for use on hard pack mountainous terrain and shorter distance races. Has a low profile midsole with sticky rubber outsole. Radical design provides good upper support while the patent pending fascia-band™ aids propulsion efficiency of the running cycle.

The stable, low profile 2 arrow Shoc-Zone™ and lightweight upper makes the 230 perfect for CrossFit.

via Inov-8 F-Lite™ 230.

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Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol – Official Trailer

ghost protocol

Tom Cruise.  Jeremy Renner.  JJ Abrahms.  License to print money.  December.

via YouTube – Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol – Official Trailer.

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Patek Philippe Wrist Watch Tale

Patek Philippe Wrist watchWhat a great story, and what a stand up company to do such a nice thing.  Watch the video, pretty cool.  Patek Philippe swiss watch company does good, again.



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ESA Training Haines Creek

Matt Park protecting the rope

Matt Park placing a Back Pack as a guard for the ropes over a ledge


Karl Sundin Descending with the SAR AB

Karl Sundin descending using a SAR AB device

Gabriel Dewey Belaying Karl Sundin

Gabriel Dewey Belaying Karl Sundin using the SAR AB device











Last friday Abiss and Lamoureux and Corbett took Rap Golf and Rap Lima out to Haines Creek BC to do some ESA training. ESA is Extreme Slope Assistance, through the use of ropes and harnesses aids Firefighters on a slope either near a vertical face or on a slope too steep to walk on.  Matt Park took some cool shots of Rap Golf practicing the procedures(click on image for larger view).  Note the use of the SAR AB on the belay line and the Rappel line.  Letting go of the device locks the device onto the rope securely, and is easily released using the handle greatly simplifiying the operation, without having to tie a locking knot over a figure of eight for the rappeler and no prussiks to mind or get jammed for the belayer.


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Garmin | Rino 655t –

Garmin rino 655t screen shotGarmin rino 655t back viewGarmin Rino 655t photo shotGarmin Rino 655t
















All the benefits of the older (slightly) 530-520 series Rinos, the 655t has two new features we at Koldsmoke are digging.  A glove friendly touch screen, and a 5 Megapixel camera with geotagging.  Not available yet, possibly by August and we have our eyes on these for sure.  I absolutely love my Rino 520, and the new touch screen looks like it will be even quicker to enter coordinates by hand, or rename coordinates.  Alas, as I had the only Rino, on the Sockeyes trip to Alberta we weren’t able to use the send waypoints feature, or track our progress on the epic patrols we did through the swampy mosquito infested muskeg.

Garmin | Rino 655t –.

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The Guns of James Bond

GoldFinger Sean Connery







A little tid-bit of info,introduced by the actor that defined the role.  Classic cool.

via YouTube – The Guns of James Bond.

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VAN DAMME – Coors Light Commercial

jc van damme coors light

The Worlds most refreshing beer?

via YouTube – VAN DAMME – Coors Light Commercial HD [2011] – Action Star needs the best beer !.

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FireIce by GelTech Solutions

FireIce BottlesFireICE home defense setup

FireIce is an interesting water additive that gels the water and makes it more insulative .  From what I’ve seen on the videos, it would be a good pretreatment product for fuels, ie for wildland use as a fuel break or as an interface structure protection tool.  The pretreatment applications are obvious and the extinguishing features look positive.  The cans are pretty cheap and looks really easy to use, looking forward to more videos and testimonials from Geltech.  GelTech/FireIce

via YouTube – FireIce by GelTech Solutions.

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Dawley 10/11 on Vimeo

Dawley's ball of snow

Brett Dawley’s season edit on Vimeo, a dazzling display of snow, skiing and fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort BC and surrounding area.  Sockeye Delta/Rap Delta in the off season, or On-Season if you wanna look at it that way.

via Dawley 10/11 on Vimeo.

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Star Wars The Old Republic E3 2011 Opening Cinematic Trailer

Star Wars the Old RepublicI’m not the only one who thinks George Lucas should be slapped really really hard in the face if he tries to write the screenplay and direct his creations again.  If these guys had done the prequels it would have been absolutley Nuclear!! George retorts by counting his ‘GDP of a small country’s’ worth of money.  He’s good, but he could be so much better.  Don’t get exited, this is just a console game.


via YouTube – Star Wars The Old Republic E3 2011 Opening Cinematic Trailer.

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