Tops Smoke Jumper Knife

Rounding out the trifecta of Smoke Jumper inspired- designed gear, (Bozeman watch co, Viberg boots) comes the Smoke Jumper knife.  A J-knife is more practical and safer in a jump situation but on the ground the Smoke Jumper is a handy knife.  Although large at an overall length of 11 3/4″ and 1/4″ thick, it handles very easily due to the design of the handle and curved finger pocket on the blade, allowing the user to “choke up” on the handle for more delicate tasks.  The blade is carbon steel which means it will rust, but can get wicked sharp.  The blade is coated in a Tops proprietary treatment so as to protect all but the leading edge against corrosion.  The Micarta handle is synthetic but looks pseudo natural due to the fake grain that is in the Micarta scales.  Basically it feels similar to wood but won’t crack or rot like wood can.  Again, the Kydex sheath is sturdy and utilitarian and maybe not as attractive as leather but provides a hard, rigid attachment for the knife, either for traditional handle- up carry on a belt, upside down carry on a tactical vest(the kydex sheath has enough friction to enable this but for long term carry in this position a secondary lanyard is what I’d recommend) or the stealthier sideways carry on the lower back.  What really sets this knife apart truthfully is the tip design.  The tip is ground so that the blade is nearly the entire thickness of the knife until the last few millimetres of the point.  I cannot imagine a scenario in which the tip would brake off, and if it did,  the situation would be epic.  Tops Knives

Tops Smoke Jumper splitting cedar blockTops Smoke Jumper with kydex sheathTops Smoke Jumper Knife

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  1. Where are all the Rapattack inspired-designed for products I ask? Where? The Rapattack 300 Canflex bag doesn’t count.

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