Koldsmoke “nearly” Everyday carry.

Koldsmoke EDC “pocket display” 80% of the time this is what Koldsmoke leaves the house with, if say going out to do chores in the back yard or going for a walk on a rural road heck I’ve probably left the house to go to the cineplex with some of this stuff. Not pictured, DC leather wallet, keys for longer trips into town or for a day of skiing.  Of course I don’t wear each wrist watch at the same time, generally in the winter I use the Tissot, and in the summer the Marathon, as the T-Touch doesn’t have very good water resistance.  I take either the Sog, or the leatherman knife, or both depending on what I’m expecting to encounter in my errands.  Stay tuned for a display of ditty bag contents for a rappel.  Although I have used every single tool on my 686 tool belt many times, the bottle opener has the most miles on it.

Clockwise from top

EDC Koldsmoke

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