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Mountain Hardwear Men’s Nitrous™ Jacket

Mens_Jacket_Nitrous Mountain hardwear

Many outdoor clothing brands have essentially this type of jacket in their repertoire, but I went with the Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Jacket because it was on sale and it was black, and they had it in my size.  The reason I am not taking it back is it’s stupendously light-only 333g, and just the right warmth for springtime and with the right layering winter tromping.  The cut is slim fitting, but not constricting and makes for a sleek silhouette, which is great because of the gossamer thin fabric keeping the down encased.  No snagging on stuff when you walk by, emancipating the 800 fill goose down.  The nicest touch, common with Mountain hardwear down products is a stuff sack for the jacket.  It fits innocuously in the chest pocket, leaving your front paws for the two hand warmer pockets.  Incredibly warm for how light it is!




Mountain Hardwear | Men’s Nitrous™ Jacket.


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Koldsmoke “nearly” Everyday carry.

Koldsmoke EDC “pocket display” 80% of the time this is what Koldsmoke leaves the house with, if say going out to do chores in the back yard or going for a walk on a rural road heck I’ve probably left the house to go to the cineplex with some of this stuff. Not pictured, DC leather wallet, keys for longer trips into town or for a day of skiing.  Of course I don’t wear each wrist watch at the same time, generally in the winter I use the Tissot, and in the summer the Marathon, as the T-Touch doesn’t have very good water resistance.  I take either the Sog, or the leatherman knife, or both depending on what I’m expecting to encounter in my errands.  Stay tuned for a display of ditty bag contents for a rappel.  Although I have used every single tool on my 686 tool belt many times, the bottle opener has the most miles on it.

Clockwise from top

EDC Koldsmoke

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Whitewater Rafting Clearwater BC Canada


River Rafting Clearwater River


whitewater rafting clearwater riverA whitewater rafting fanatic will find Clearwater River a blast.  The mighty Clearwater River stretches 78km through this protected and undisturbed wilderness known as Wells Gray Provincial Park and offers some of the best whitewater rafting in British Columbia. It has a little bit of everything for everyone, it meanders through tranquil Class 1 whitewater, plummets through unrunable Class 6 Canyons all while linking some of the most spectacular scenery and whitewater in British Columbia.

Liquid Lifestyles, a small company located in Clearwater will provide you an exhilarating river rafting adventure with the perfect mix of spectacular scenery, awesome waterfalls and heart pounding river rafting.

tandem kayaking down clearwater riverThey also offer Tandem whitewater rafting for the ultimate whitewater rafting trip. Pilot a tandem whitewater raft through exciting rapids, explode through waves and power across eddy lines as you navigate the amazing Clearwater River in Wells Gray Provincal Park. These boats are fast, stable, easy to paddle and most importantly fun!


If you are not into whitewater, you can also do a scenic river rafting tour down the Clearwater River. You can select between a full or half day scenic river rafting. Relax and enjoy one of the most enchanting sections of the Clearwater River. Meander your way down the flat water with picturesque views and crystal clear water. A certified river guide and this remarkable area will create a great memory of Wells Gray Park and the Clearwater River.

Tandem rafting made this the best camping trip we’ve ever been on. The views were spectacular and being on the river was TONS of fun. Scott, Andrea & their entire staff are knowledgeable, experienced and extremely customer service orientated. They keep you safe, warm and comfortable to ensure a great time.

If you are heading to the Rockies and want to raft, then check out the Rapids in Lake Louise.

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EDC website spotlight


Everyday-Carry-sampleWrist Watch, Pocket Knife, wallet, phone?  What do you normally leave the house with?  Here is a sweet little website where you can submit pictures and lists of what you carry on your body for trips to the corner store, a walk in the park, or as some of the submissions indicate, more serious excursions.  Popular choices, Iphones, Blackberries, and interesting rugged bespoke wrist watches, and mini tactical flashlights.  Koldsmoke’s EDC…my brain.

EDC’s description:  Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.

via EDC.

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Revision Eyewear











Polarized safety glasses.  Yes please.  Significantly more money than a regular pair of safety glasses, but significantly better.  Built to military specs, and offering three lens options, the Deluxe Polarized SAWFLY kit is just what the (ahem) Eye Doctor ordered.  Clear, yellow, and Tinted lenses, carry case and idiot strap, when you think about it you will use these more than the scratched up cheap-eese at the bottom of your chest pack.  The polarized lens makes for happy eyes.  Check out the other offerings from Revision, Goggles, smaller goggles, and standard sunglass styles, all with multiple options and colours.

Revision Eyewear | Who We Are.

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Rap Echo, 2009 highlights

2009 was a crazy summer for firefighting, and for Rapattack.  Here are some highlights from Rap Echo‘s season.  Thanks Nolan!  I really like this song.

Nolan and Alyssa, 2/3rds Rap Echo













via Untitled on Vimeo.

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SHEEX Performance Sheets

Sleep-Saxsheex close upSheex travel blanket








Performance fabric for “sleeping”.  Sheex bedding made from athletic fabric, not the 799 thread count Egyptian cotton.  Why not, the travel sheex sax, seems like a comfy good idea for those sketchy Hostel beds, or on an overnight fire to keep your sleeping bag from getting ‘mungy’.

The gist from Sheex:

The development of high-tech performance fibers and fabrics has been a breakthrough in the world of athletic apparel, providing the world’s elite athletes with unmatched comfort and fit to help them perform at their peak. But comfort and performance don’t only matter on the field, the court or the track. Research has shown that better quality sleep can lead to improvments in everything from athletic performance to alertness and mood. SHEEX performance bedding features the latest innovations in breathability, temperature control, moisture management and luxurious comfort to help you sleep better.

via SHEEX Performance Sheets.

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Mini Horse Gets Lifesaving Prosthetic Leg


Midnight.  This is a nice feel good post, for everyone at Koldsmoke.  Spring is here, the snow is melting and the flowers are starting to bloom,  and a miniature horse has a prosthetic limb and totally diggin it,  because somebody thought outside the box and gave a damn.

Midnight, Lucky Little Horse





via YouTube – Mini Horse Gets Lifesaving Prosthetic Leg.

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The Ferrari F1’s steering wheel

ferrari 2010 steering wheel

If you thought trying to figure out your cruise control was difficult, think again.  This is the 2010 steering wheel for the Ferrari Formula 1 car.  Oh don’t worry, they removed the KERS button, so much, much simpler.  Kinetic Energy Recovery System if you were scratching your head, is so 2009.  The wheel has a Drink button.  There is a Burn-Out button.  And a Wet button for which I have no comment.  New for the 2011 steering wheel, due to driver feedback, is a Win The Race button.  Sure it’ll be banned after a few races but the data gained will trickle down to the consumer level.

Giuliano Salvi, car number 7 Performance Engineer, presents the 2010 Formula 1 single-seaters steering wheel, explaining its functions and the handling by the driver during a session. Fernando and Felipe are using slightly different steering wheels, regarding their personal needs

via YouTube – The Ferrari F10’s steering wheel.

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Salomon Freeski TV S4 E19 The Man and the Mammoth


Stop Motion special effects are alive and well, awesome.  Thanks Kayla for spotting this gem that took a tonne of work to make.  Koldsmoke will overlook the historical inaccuracies this once.

via YouTube – Salomon Freeski TV S4 E19 The Man and the Mammoth.



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