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Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

Parang_Sheath gerber bear GryllsIn Koldsmoke’s Bizarro world Robert Rodriguez would be Malaysian, and so would Danny Trejo.  Parang would be the tale of a man named Parang on a revengeful tear using his favourite weapon…you guessed it.  My production company would be called Double Entendre Studio.

Parang gerber Bear GryllsThey had me at carbon steel.  I have a tendency to gravitate towards kydex sheaths but this nylon one has a bunch of survival info on it so I’ll let it pass this time.  Really digging the huge sweet spot on this sure gripped chopper.

YouTube – Gerber Bear Grylls Parang.

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Pack Mule Ragged Edge Gear

ragged edge sailcloth duffel bag large

The Pack Mule is a 16.5″ diameter x 32″ long Duffel bag made of racing sailcloth Pentex.  Bomber stitching, waterproof material, and chunky zippers on this unique duffel bag that will turn heads as it goes by on the conveyor belt at the airport of your next adventure.  Pentex?  What’s that you say, here’s the definition by Ragged edge themselves.

Pentex isn’t really famous for anything, mostly probably because it lives in the shadows of the more well known carbon and aramid, but it is a high performance fiber that doesn’t mess around. In sailcloth, Pentex is used as an alternative to aramid when class rules don’t allow that material. Where Pentex especially shines is in its ability to withstand lots of folding and bending with very little effect on the integrity of the fiber, otherwise known as minimal “flex loss.”The skinny: Odds are you’ve never heard of it, but it won’t disappoint.

Extra Large Sailcloth Duffel Bag: Gray by RAGGEDedge Gear.

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Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip


Honestly, it looks cool and that’s half the battle.

Carbon Fiber Gear description.

There is a reason why this blade won the Most Innovative Knife Design.  Custom-made by John Kubasek, this knife has to be put in your hands to be truly appreciated.  Unfolded the knife is a little over 6 inches long, but folded up it’s just 3.5” x 1 1/4″.  It’s the thickness of just three credit cards, so it’s meant to fit in a wallet, hence the name “Creditor”.   If you remove the clip it will be the size of a credit card and will fit in your wallet. The knife uses a Delrin ball detent so it will lock when opened and pressing down on the side of the handle unlocks it.  The back has a clip which will allow you to use as a money clip to hold a couple cards and some bills.

The blade is a laminate of real carbon fiber and D2 tool steel with a Rockwell harness of 59-60.  The handle is made out of 6AL4V titanium with a small piece of carbon fiber in the corner, while the clip is black stainless steel.  The use of carbon fiber and titanium make this weigh just 40 grams or less than 2 ounces.


Blade made out of real carbon fiber and D2 tool steel

Handle made out of titanium

Custom-made by knife-maker John Kubasek

Has a clip on the back that fits a couple cards and some bills

Folds up to be 3 1/2” by 1 1/4″

Just 1/8″ in thickness (about 3 credit cards)

If you remove the clip, it fits right in a wallet

Dimensions: 4.5in x 3.75in


via Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife by John Kubasek | Carbon Fiber Gear.

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MC-2G Global Navigator Compass by Suunto

Suunto-MC-2G-Global-Navigator-Compass-KoldsmokeMC-2G Global Navigator Compass by Suunto.  Don’t mess with technical simplicity.  The Suunto compass requires no batteries, power or weirdo calibration, and it works all over the world, and it’s not covered in candied popcorn.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the use of a handheld gps to follow a bearing.  I say, get the bearing from the gps and use your magnetic compass to shoot the bearing, only using the gps periodically to see if you are getting closer to your waypoint.  It’s never failed me, since 1998 when I started using handheld gps units extensively for firefighting, and I don’t follow a gnarly blind mans path because I’m looking at the gps screen’s needle dance around.  I’ve used the older version of the MC-2G for years and it works swell.  If you have a giant metal plate in your head for whatever reason, no, I guess the magnetic compass is not for you.  Check it out.


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Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Speaker



Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker

Wireless speaker, synch it with your phone, or Ipod or bluetooth device, for crisp sound.  It also has a microphone for speaker calls.

the Jawbone description:

JAMBOX delivers stunning hi-fi audio in a portable wireless speaker so compact you won’t believe it when you hear it. It’s loud. With an output capacity of 85 decibels, JAMBOX fills even the largest rooms. Unlike other portable speakers, JAMBOX is powered by a pair of proprietary, highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unmatched in their ability to produce extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single, ultra-small dome speaker. They work in concert with an innovative moving-wall passive bass radiator and airtight enclosure to deliver shimmering highs and thumping lows that you can literally feel – the richest sound all in the palm of your hand.

Still not getting it?  Watch the video below, you’ll get it.  Thanks Rhea!


via Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Speaker  |  Hi-Fi, Stereo, Speakerphone & more.

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Bellagio, Las Vegas


Bellagio Las Vegas Logo




I’ve never stayed at the Bellagio, but I’ve been inside, beautiful hotel, excellent fountains outside to watch, perhaps after a successful heist.  The main thing I like about the Bellagio is the Cirque Du Soleil show O.  Seen it once, would see it again in a heart beat.  Water themed event, high dives, moving platforms, humour and fantastic acrobatics.  Well worth the 172 bones.  I highly recommend it.  P-Dub is staying there now, we won’t get a review from him because as you know…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Las Vegas Hotels – Bellagio.

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Traser H3 Military Tritium P 5900 Type 3 Watch

traser 5900 Black with Steel bezelNearly every clothing manufacturer has a military “style” watch in their repertoire, and most of the designer folks out there have put a Nato strap on their swiss dive watch to “military it up a bit.”  As you know I like watches, and have been looking for a Koldsmoke suitable version of the canvas strap, simplistic-lines utility watch the Military “style” requires.  The Traser H3 P5900 fits the bill.  Smaller diameter -37mm- sub $200, and Tritium were the Koldsmoke requirements.  Chunky huge diameter dive watches have their place too, but we are trying to fit a niche.  I was very close to using the Marathon pilots watch for this post but something about the steel ring on the Traser caught my eye, and the price, which is almost half that of the Marathon.  Although built to actual military specs(MIL-W-46374F) this is not an officially military commissioned watch, which is probably why you can actually buy this from a regular retail website.  The lugs are 18mm, so you can customize with Maratac watch bands, and be crazy cutting edge trendy, while actually having a real, functional, sturdy watch, and can tell the time in the dark, without shining a light on the hands to charge the luminosity.

Buy : Traser H3 Military Tritium P 5900 Type 3 Watch.

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Chris Etsell Solo Trip to RMR, Fernie, Whitewater

Chris Etsell self portrait ski trip2011Awesome powder, great cinematography, whirlwind trip by Chris Etsell to three of the Kootenays premier mountains.  Rap Bravo Alaska 2009 alumni was reunited last week for one chair ride during Chris Etsell’s whirlwind three hill trip.  Awesome Vid bro, thankyou!

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Ocean Rodeo Predator Drysuit


ocean rodeo drysuit

Using a 3 layer approach to it’s Predator Drysuit, Ocean Rodeo tackles the problem of surfing in cold water.  Dry suits typically are bulky and bouyant, not so with this drysuit that looks like a regular wet suit.  Full Tuxedo as the base layer…hmmmm ok.  C’mon everyone has wanted to do that.



Ocean Rodeo – Surf Dry from MWyatt on Vimeo.


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Shannon Robinson Art & Design – Revelstoke

Tree Fire Water icon Shannon Robinson designShannon Robinson Art & Design

Shannon was my first Crew Leader at Rapattack.  Best fire ever we get to swim in Shuswap lake for our break.  Very much missed at Rap, Shannon has moved on to bigger and better things.    Shannon Robinson Art & design: Providing a variety of art services to businesses and individuals.  If you’ve ever driven through Revelstoke, you’ve probably seen her work, either on a sign or a t-shirt or business card.  Check out her site and Facebook page for a sampling of what services she provides.

Shannon Robinson Art & Design – Revelstoke.

Shannon Robinson Art & Design Facebook page

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