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Smoke Jumper-Viberg Boots


Viberg Smoke Jumper firefighting boot


Boulder 1 changes his work boots and sunglasses pretty  much every few months, resulting in Koldsmoke getting a whack of new Vibergs to test out.  Among the lot he culled and I subsequently got are the Viberg Smoke Jumpers fire fighting boot.  E width and size 10(Vibergs fit really big, I usually wear size 12 in street shoes so try before you buy)very comfy and virtually brand new, the tongue doesn’t even have a memory yet!  These boots are mandatory for Parattack, as it is compatable with their jump uniform, ie high heel.  Viberg makes lower heel options too if the high heel isn’t your thing.  Thanks Boulder 1!

9″ roughout with a Vibram® Lug heat resistant sole and undershot heel. Whether you are in paratack/helitack or unit crews with the Forest Service this boot will take you to the inferno and back.

Black roughout 8 oz. cowhide upper, double leather vamp, solid brass hooks and eyes, 9 iron leather insole and counter, steel shank, 10 iron leather midsole with 10 iron leather half slip sole, Vibram® Lug sole and solid leather on Nuron slipsole.

via Work Boots – Viberg Boots.

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Leffot Leather NATO Straps


Leffot leather Nato g10 watch strap


Leffot leather NATO g10 watch strap top view


Leffot NATO G10 leather watch strap

The strap that collectors call “NATO” is based upon the standard watchstrap issued by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD). Called the “G10″ by members of the British military because of the form used to requisition the strap from inventory, the reason it got its “NATO” name is because the strap has a NSN or NATO Stock Number which identifies this type of strap.  Much thicker and rounder rings than on the Maratac of the same name watch strap, more like the 4 ring style  of the same company.  At 225 bones, you could get a number of straps, gadgets and things for a watch, but, they won’t last as long nor have the feel of leather.  Check it out, small company, email orders only.

via Leffot Blog » Blog Archive » NATO Straps.

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Forged Steel Knife



Art History majors, here is an essay topic for you-compare and contrast the Forged Steel Knife above with Michelangelo’s Slave Awakening sculpture.  Or not, just use this unorthodox but beautiful knife for your everyday humdrum slicing tasks, but look cool doing it.


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Win? Or Destroy? Kessler Ski & Snowboards

kessler alpine racing snowboard




Kessler K symbol and snow on trees


Kessler K symbol and mountains



Kessler odyssey freeride ski



Kessler is the most successful Snowboard brand of the Olympic Games 2010. Now the winning formula is also available for skis. You will be surprised how easy supreme performance is reached.

Forget adjectives and wild claims, results don’t lie or embellish.

La Molina Spain 2011 world Championships -Gold 2x silver and bronze – Kessler riders reaped 4 of the 6 medals in demand. Lindsey Jacobellis (USA) won her 3rd World Championship gold medal after 2005 and 2007 on a beautiful sunny day in the Pyrenees not far from the French boarder. The French Nelly Moenne Loccoz andDominique Maltais[Canada]came 2nd and 3rd. The only Swiss Emilie Aubry was eliminated despite a good run in the quarterfinal with a 3rd position.

The new Snowboardercross World champion is the Australian Alex Pullin. In a top-class Final he was able to finish first before runner-up Seth Wescott (USA), a double Olympian Champion, and 3rd placed Nate Holland (USA), repeatedly winner of X-Games. Hans Reichen as best Swiss reached quarterfinals, however was eliminated after a fall.

More results of Kessler riders


via Kessler Ski & Snowboards.

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Bozeman Watch Company Smokejumper GMT


Bozeman watch co


smokejumper association logo


Smokejumper GMT wristwatch bozeman watch co. Black Dial

Gorgeous looking black dial of the GMT function wristwatch, also available in silver dial but I prefer the black.  At 5,500 dollars USD I suspect most Smokejumpers would not wear this timepiece on a fire, but, 1% of the purchase price is donated to the National Smokejumper Fund.  This is a trend I like, a North American company, making a quality timepiece as a tribute to a wild-firefighting cornerstone.   Can Marathon watch co. take the hint?  I would like to see a GMT watch for Rapattack, Southeast time zone and Pacific, Date etc.  Parattack could have a mechanical altimeter, as well as time functions.  Unit crew style  would just have to be rugged, perhaps a 14 day countdown dial.  Throughout the line the usual chunky, strong construction, tritium of course, and the standard 300m depth rating and sapphire crystal.  But I digress, check out what Bozeman says about their wrist candy.

The official watch of the

National Smokejumper Association

Initially limited to 100 individually numbered units

The SmokeJumper GMT Worldtime, the official timepiece of the National Smokejumper Association, is the successor to our introductory timepiece, the SmokeJumper Chronograph. The SmokeJumper GMT was inspired by America’s airborne firefighters of the National Smokejumper Association – those who risk it all to preserve life, save property, and protect our national forests.


Unlike its predecessor, the Smokejumper GMT Worldtime comes in two different dial colors, both silver and black and uses enamel and super luminescent differently to accent the functions on each of the dials.  The GMT, or second time zone function, especially valuable to travelers since the second time function can maintain the time in a commonly visited city, state or country is simple to read and understand.  In addition, the company has added a world time function on a secondary, sloped bezel located under the crystal which has each of the 24 cities that represent the 24 different world time zones. This bezel can be turned individually with a second crown located at the 10 o’clock position.  It simply allows an individual to tell what time it is anywhere in the world based on matching the 24 hour hand to the city that they have set as the watch’s second time zone.

via Bozeman Watch Company.

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World Snowboard Championships Results 2011

La molina slopestyle start Gate 2011La molina slopestyle course

Koldsmoke was on hand this past weekend juicing up the boards for the Canadians for the 2011 World Championship Snowboard Slopestyle event.  Way to go Julien and Robby and Elliot!  Awesome work for such a talented crowd of competitors.  Kudos to Matt “Maverick” Morison who placed 7th in Parallel Slalom.  Luka, awesome job on the Kesslers!


La Molina world Snowboarding Championships 2011 Large Poster

NA, Spain (AP)– Results Saturday from the world snowboard championships:

Parallel Slalom


1. Benjamin Karl, Austria.

2. Simon Schoch, Switzerland.

3. Rok Marguc, Slovenia.

4. Andreas Prommegger, Austria.

5. Roland Fischnaller, Italy

6. Manuel Veith, Austria

7. Matthew Morison, Canada

8. Kaspar Fluetsch, Switzerland


1. Hilde-Katrine Engeli, Norway

2. Nicolien Sauerbrelj, Netherlands

3. Claudia Riegler, Austria.

4. Heidi Neururuer, Austria.

5. Ekaterina Tudegesheva, Russia.

6. Amelie Kober, Germany.

7. Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli, Switzerland.

8. Patrizia Kummer, Switerland.



1. Seppe Smits, Belgium

2. Niklas Mattsson, Sweden

3. Ville Paumola, Finland

4. Zebastian Landmark, Sweden

5. Clemens Schattscheider, Austria

6. Julien Beaulieu, Canada

7. Robby Balharry, Canada

8. Markku Koski, Finland

9. Michael Macho, Austria

10. Petja Piiroinen, Finland

11. Jan Necas, Czech Republic

12. Isaac Verges, Spain

13. Stef Zeestraten, New Zealand

14. Tor Lundstrom, Sweden

15. Mario Kaeppeli, Switzerland

16. Elliot Catton, Canada

17. Adrian Krainer, Austria

18. Carlos Manich, Spain


1. Enni Rukajarvi, Finland

2. Sarka Pancochova, Czech Republic

3. Shelly Gotlieb, New Zealand

4. Merika Enne, Finland

5. Allyson Carroll, United States

6. Saana Pehkonen, FInland

7. Stefi Luxton, New Zealand

8. Klaudia Medlova, Slovakia

9. Charlotte Van Gils, Netherlands

via World Snowboard Championships Results – Yahoo! Sports.

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eton mobius


Mobius charger for iphone 4 by eton



Still not available but soon.  About time, since the iphone and all it’s handiness still sucks the battery low pretty quickly.

Double the Battery Life

Enhanced Monocrystal Solar Panel

Durable Protective Case

Slim Form Factor

via etoncorp

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Ratcheting Wrenches


Ratcheting Wrenches


This type of wrench is about the only way I was able to get the nut off the CPS sensor on my truck.  a socket wouldn’t fit, open ended was too tedious and difficult.  Greatest invention ever when it’s needed.

Get your weekend project done quickly and easily with the Craftsman Ratcheting Wrench Set $40. This handy set includes seven wrenches — metric sizes 10 thru 15 + 17mm — and feature a universal teeth design that can grip and turn six different types of nuts and bolts, meaning less time spent digging in the toolbox and more time watching pre-game shows.

via Uncrate | The Buyers Guide For Men.

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Anti gravity kitties



Anti gravity cats


While cats are supposed to land on their feet, that saying was written with the assumption that there is gravity present. The rule doesn’t quite apply when kitty is floating in space.


via Awesome – Awesome Stuff – The Awesomer – Page 5.



jason white and #21 a&w dodge challenger



January 22, 2011. (Toronto, ON) Sun Peaks, British Columbia based racer Jason White and long time partner A & W Food Services of Canada will be back together again this year in the 2011 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Championship. Both parties are also very pleased to announce they are teaming up with DJK Racing and the Kawartha Speedway Group this season. This new arrangement has everyone involved anxious for the competition to begin.

The new accord will see White piloting the #21 A & W Dodge Challenger in all twelve rounds of the NASCAR Canadian Tire series. Providing the horsepower and technical support necessary for success will be defending series champion engine builder Doug Kennington and DJK Racing. The registered car owner will be Harvey “Skip” Ambrose principal of the Kawartha Speedway Group. Team manager and race day Crew Chief will be former series competitor Derek Lynch.


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