Linde Werdelin Hard Grey DLC limited edition

Linde-Werdelin-Hard-Grey-DLC-Limited-EditionFrom GEAR PATROL :After our first experience with Linde Werdelin, we walked away sufficiently impressed floored. So, when we received word from Linde Werdeline that their latest watch would be the first limited edition timepiece for the US, our horological interests officially became piqued. The Linde Werdelin Hard Grey DLC Limited Edition ($7,300) is based on the original “The One” model but differentiated by several unique features. Most notably, the Hard Grey’s steel case, which is coated in DLC (diamond-like carbon) and further toughened with an additional 1/1000th of a millimeter layer of carbon applied to its surface. The effect is subtle, but the result is undeniable. The unique process yields a surface 3x harder than steel and second only to diamond. Even more rare are the production numbers — only 11 will be produced. 46mm. Water-resistant to 300 meters. Grey alligator and black rubber straps included.

via Gear Patrol | The Definitive Men’s Resource.

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