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Woodinville Whiskey Age your own Whiskey kit



From cool material – If you make a bunch of really great New Year’s resolutions and stick with them, you’re going to upgrade a lot more than just your gadgets and gear. During one of our many brainstorming sessions, one of the editors decided we needed to have at least one that would be easy to abide by. Drinking every cocktail in Boozehound. In light of that, we decided to upgrade our liquor collection, starting with our whiskey. Woodinville Whiskey is at the top of the list with their Age Your Own Whiskey Kit. For $150 you get two bottles of “white dog” un-aged whiskey, 2L charred oak barrel and 2 glasses. The whiskey is consumable immediately, but better aged. Put it in the barrel and come back in months (due to barrel size, it doesn’t take years). Because if you want something done right, do it yourself. Even if it’s aged whiskey. $150

via Cool Material – Men’s gear blog featuring the latest trends in watches, gear and gadgets..

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De Longhi Magnifica fully automatic espresso machine


Fill the hopper with beans.  Fill the water reservoir.  Push a button.  Delicious Espresso. Maybe not as pleasant of service as you get at Roach’s Espresso Shack in Tok Alaska, but not everyone can make the journey.

MAGNIFICA FULLY AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE ESAM 3500 MSRP: 2000.00 Digital programmable menu settings adjust coffee strength and size.  Patented “Single Touch” cappuccino and latte system makes the perfect beverage every time. Patented “Direct-to-Brew” system grinds beans instantly for the freshest espresso and is compact and removable for easy cleaning. Professional-quality conical burr grinder Double boiler with espresso boiler Decalcification system  Cup warmer  Hot water spout 60-ounce removable water tank and removable used coffee container Height-adjustable coffee spouts

via De Longhi.

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iSplash is a waterproof case for iPhone or iPod that gives you full phone function while in the water or soaking wet! Also available with internal dry headphone jack and waterproof headphones… you can now listen to your favourite music while swimming laps, surfing, snorkelling, or just lazing in the pool! iSplash is waterproof to 20m and comes with a lanyard or velcro sports armband for extreme sports action! Use your touch screen, make or take calls, and listen to music while you’re soaking wet this summer!  Thanks Nikki!

via iSplash.

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Camera Retractor





With many different options to prevent loss of tools, weapons or keys, GEAR KEEPER [um] gear keepers are the answer to everyones key problem at least.  Nearly every conceivable type of retractor is available for whatever thing you don’t want lost.  [Chapstick ]Tactical Flashlight?  Check.  Glock 22, (full frame in .40)?  Check.  That girls number she wrote on a cd case?  Maybe.

Camera Retractor.

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Austrian Fireworks

During a trip to Austria back in 2006, a tech and a few coaches from a well known country’s snowboard team lit up some fireworks in a very public parking lot late one crazy night.  This is one of those “great things come in small packages” moments.Bad Gastein valley, 2006


via Austrian Fireworks on Vimeo.

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Aaron Fotheringham

If you think you are having a bad day, just watch this and feel better about your day, or if you are having a great day have an even better day!  Enjoy.

Pix | Aaron Fotheringham.

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Survival Straps – Watch Straps


Instead of a survival bracelet that takes up precious real-estate on your wrist just for the sake of it, I say why not make it do something useful, like hold on your[ watch ]Swiss Wrist Candy.

Survival Watch Straps are tough. Instead of a traditional buckle, they utilize a 316 marine grade stainless steel shackle for attachment purposes. They are not adjustable like a traditional buckle. However, you will be able to expand the size of the strap by approximately 1″ to adjust for your comfort. Our Watch Straps use a pull through design so you will not lose your watch due to a pin failure. Each Strap contains several feet of paracord. In an emergency situation, you could deploy this cord, and the stainless shackle, for use. If you do use your Watch Strap, simply send it back to us, along with your story, and we will send you a new one free of charge (shipping charges apply). Put on a Survival Watch Strap today to give your watch a completely new personality.

via Survival Straps – Paracord Survival Bracelets, Lanyards, Belts and Accessories… Be Prepared!.

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Glow in the Dark (GID) Paracord

Glow in the Dark paracord lume shot

It might not be as blazingly bright as some other GID paracord out there but The 5Star Cord Premium Glow In The Dark Paracord appears to be the closest to actual 550 paracord, in appearance and strength.  Zipper pull cords, survival bracelets, knife handle wraps all could use a little lume in the dark.  My fav use would be for those late night tent set ups on the fire-line as I tend to trip on the guy lines.

Quick Facts Guide about 5Star P-GID Paracord:

Uses Three GID Tracers
Tight Outer Nylon Weave Reduces Snags & Increases Strength
UV Resistant
Non-Bleeding Colours
3mm Diameter (+/- .2mm)
7 Tight Twist Inner Cores, Increases Strength
Break Strength of 400lbs
100% USA Made Inside & Out
Colours Matched With All Other 5Star Paracord Series
Low Stretch and Shrink Factor

The Facts Explained:

The 5Star Cord Premium Glow In The Dark Paracord (P-GID) Series takes the popular C-550 5Star Paracord and adds in three GID Tracers. During the day the tracers look to be a opaque/white, but when the lights go out, the tracers give off a green glow. The glow when fully charged will last for up to 8hrs. To charge it simply shine a bright light, sunlight, or UV light on it. The longer you leave it to charge, the brighter and longer it will glow.

The P-GID uses the same nylon outer shell as other 5Star Paracord Series with a extra tight weave. This results in reduced snagging and increases the strength.

By inherent nature the use of the nylon outer sheath on the P-GID makes it highly UV Resistant. It also makes it Mildew & Rot resistant.

The P-GID uses the same 7 core fibres as the C-550 Series. This gives the cord a break test of 400 pounds. While 150 pounds less than that of the C-550 series due to the GID tracers not being as strong as the standard nylon fibres used. Still 400lbs is more than most will need in most situations.

The Colours of the P-GID won’t bleed when wet and will match that of other 5Star Paracord Series product range.

The P-GID is 100% made in the USA, including all materials used in its construction. No imported materials are used in its construction.

The P-GID has a low stretch factor thanks to the tight outer weave and the tight twist inner cores. So you won’t be constantly adjusting and if it gets wet it won’t shrink into a ball of tangles and twist when it dries.

The Cord has a diameter of 3mm with a idustry standard variance of +/- .2mmGlow in Dark paracord

Kelly Green Glow In Dark Paracord P-GID – Five Star Cord.

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Soldier Fuel Bars




Soldier Fuel Bars were developed for the U.S. military for use by soldiers in the field to provide them with energy on the move. They contain 270 calories per bar, and have a 3 Year Shelf-life, with packaging that is resistant to heat, water and impact damage. Soldier Fuel Bars have no trans fat, which, alongside other Soldier Fuel formulation benefits, makes it healthier than our main competitors in rations/subsistence. Furthermore, they have a 4:1 carb to protein ratio, are all-natural and have no high-fructose corn syrup. Soldier Fuel Bars are a featured performance supplement in the new official US Navy SEAL Nutrition Guide and are highly-rated for acceptability and performance in military field tests.

via Meal Kit Supply Canada – MREs and Soldier Fuel Energy Bars – Soldier Fuel Bars.

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32 inches in 38seconds



When Belmar, New Jersey got slammed with over 2 feet of snow this weekend, Michael Black had the forethought to let his time-lapse camera capture the snowfall. Here’s 32 inches in 38 seconds.

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.


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