Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph

A lot of fuss has been made over things coming in small packages lately. From the sound of it, only the finest and most enjoyable wares the world has to offer can come in small packages. For certain types of “things” this small package business can be the truth, the new and improved Amazon Kindle comes to mind, but it’s high time the market recognize the contributions that items of size can make to a guy’s gear arsenal. What ever happened to “bigger is better” anyways?

A word of warning, over-sized watches are not for everyone, but where the gaudiness of many models might turn off some Invicta 3449 Corduba Collection Oversized Chronograph ($100) manages a bold and stylish first impression with an impressively large 52mm stainless steel body. Accent digits at 12, 4, and 8 give the watch face a fresh appearance and the stacked center chronograph balances out the package. And in case you forgot this watch was bigger-than-life there’s a latched screw-down covering over the crown, adding a touch of over-the-top couture to the 15mm thick silver case. An equally beefy embroidered leather strap rounds out the over-sized style of the Corduba series, providing a comfortable fit for even the skinniest of wrists. Invicta’s Cordubas come in a range of tasteful colors, and best of all, they won’t set you back as much as you think.Gear Patrol | The Definitive Men’s Resource.

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